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Fun Facts About Me

  1. Romantic novels are my favourite means of escape from the tresses of modern living

  2. I am an avid Star Trek lover but I’m not a Trekkie

  3. My favourite music genres are contemporary Christian, Pop and Country

  4. My favourite movies are Avatar, Armageddon and Stardust

  5. I love history and enjoy learning about new places and cultures

  6. I have travelled to six of the world’s seven continents

  7. I am a pretty good with my hands, braiding, sewing and when the occasion demands, a bit of DIY

  8. I can still touch my toes without bending my knees

  9. My grandkids call me Gigi, short for glamorous granny!

  10. I believe in God and live by faith.

Ten fun facts about me: About
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